• Lets go back
    back to the start
    where we began this long journey apart.
    you told me you had to go
    that you found someone else
    You said that she was the one, that you loved her so.
    I didn't know what to say, so i shut you out and yelled at you to go.
    I thought you loved me, that we would be together forever
    but in your mind, my forever was a never.
    everyday you would say that you loved me with all your heart
    but today i know you didnt really mean it
    or otherwise we would still be together
    through all the sunny and stormy weather.
    My heart aches for you to hold me tight,
    all through the night
    but ofcourse that would'nt be right
    Now you belong to her, and she belongs to you
    While i sit here all alone,
    waiting by the phone
    for that "i want you back call"
    which i know isnt going to happen.
    everytime i see your picture, every time i see your face
    my knees buckle and my friends call you a disgrace.
    I cry every night,
    wondering where you, my light, had wandered to
    my friends try and tell me that you weren't worth it anyways
    and i know thats probably true
    but that doesnt stiop my heart for longging for you and for more.
    But now i need to find a way to close that door, and not let you enter it
    once more.

    -4ever_lost in_ur eyes