• The Enemy,
    And My Best Familiar friend,
    This broken truth
    And your whispering lies.

    You're what I feared,
    The sin that I tried,
    You're the apple I ate,
    And It hurts me again.

    It's the same residual pain,
    Neither fleeting nor receding,
    It's that same familiar pain,
    The red trickle of a broken purpose.

    You're words are pulling me under,
    Breaking me over and over,
    The constant sting of nails for my sins,
    It's still the same pain.

    What I've feared,
    What I've tried,
    All the times that I've cried,
    The heartbreak and emotion,
    Nothing but a fleeting notion,
    That painful step towards tomorrow.

    How sad it was,
    How painful because it wasn't,
    How melancholy I've become,
    The melodic death of a forgotten love,
    It's only what we made in out to be,
    But we both know,
    It wasn't worth all we gained.

    The fight inside me is hurting me again,
    My heart is being pulled into it,
    The war within is breaking me,
    The fight inside is breaking me again and again.

    Again and Again.
    That's all it ever was.