• Poems
    Sinking Into Darkness
    To Sasuke

    I hear you calling my name
    I try to run and hide
    You call again
    I walk the other way
    You think you know every thing
    But you don’t know the inside of me
    I cry, but I hide it from you
    You don’t know what’s it’s like to be me
    I don’t know how to be free
    I’m stuck this problem I want you out
    I want you out because, I want to love you
    I’m sinking into darkness

    To Sakura

    A rose is the symbol of love
    But a rose had thorns
    When you try to pick a rose
    You bleed from the thorns
    As the blood runs down your hand
    It feeds the beautiful flower
    As the flower drinks the life of someone
    A rose bud is born
    But the life would end to the one who is bleeding
    As the rose suck its entire life out

    To Naruto

    You walk by, people stair
    You walk by, people scatter
    You look up to the sky and wish that someone will hear you
    You look down to the ground knowing that it would never happen
    You walk by, people stair
    You walk by and hear something
    You look straight to a team
    You look straight to people calling your name
    Now you run to them
    Now you are never broken, never again

    To Shika

    Darkness is growing
    You smile
    A person turns to you
    You look at them, with a friendly smile
    They run away
    The sun sinks
    Shadows appear once more
    Another person appears
    You smile
    He smiles back
    The sun brought these two shadows together

    The Poison
    To Ino

    You see him but he doesn’t see you
    You try to talk to him, but he act like he’s not there
    You cry his name, he walks away
    You take the poison, with out knowing
    You see him with another, you go crazy
    But when he’s gone, you don’t care
    All he was
    Was poison

    Golden Heart
    To Hinata

    You hide in your self
    As the boy you like walks by
    You try to hide your feelings for him
    As he talks to you
    You smile on the inside
    As he complements you
    But on the inside your mind is screaming.
    Save me, find me get me
    One day he stood up for you
    That was the day it all changed
    That was the day your heart turned to gold