• This world's so crazy you might think,
    Everyone around you needs a very good shrink.
    This world seems so crazy,
    That you'll get to be as a lazy daisy.
    That people's minds have so much dirt.
    That they only know how to flirt.
    Everything is related to war,
    Everyone you might think shall turn to tar.
    This world needs heroes,
    But all it gets is a diner called "Joe's".
    Each cow goes "we are very loco",
    Even chickens yell "we need Rocko".
    In this crazy world the cold fire,
    That we all admire.
    In this loco world there comes the crown,
    But it is never brown.
    When you start tasting colors,
    You get to know you should not walk those corridors.
    All this proves that the loco world is,
    Nothing more than a bag full of freakies.