• i strolled.
    she followed.
    "i'm dead"
    i said.
    "i'm dead!"
    i repeated.
    "i'm wasted"
    she stated.
    i noticed"
    i answered
    "we both died"
    she replied"
    then, the next day,
    we ran away.
    we were sleepy,
    we were were hungry.
    we were broke,
    so i went home
    i locked my room's door.
    i lied on the floor.
    i found a razor
    and did just like her.
    i cut my own skin
    and bled from within.
    it was unusal,
    but i still loved it all.
    it took a while to heal
    but it was no big deal.
    she saw my injury
    and she got mad at me.