• I'm sick of cring,
    I'm sicking of whineing,
    I'm sick of you,
    And I truly am too.

    I hate your mind,
    I hate your words,
    I hate your kind,
    And I hate your worlds.

    I have somehting to say,
    I have something to write;
    I have one day,
    And I have one night.

    I scream and pray,
    I yell to say;
    I love you to death,
    And death is your path.

    My mind is mad,
    My heart is hurt;
    I love so much,
    I can't even smirk.

    You hurt me alot,
    You hurt ne to much;
    To bad it's over,
    And I wait for death's touch.

    One last thing I wish to say,
    I love you until the end of your day.
    I love you with my heart,
    I love you with my soul,
    And mind.

    Now that I've said what I think,
    Who knows;
    Maybe you need a drink.

    Perhaps one day,
    When the sky's are gray,
    We will meet again,
    In a most unpleasant way.

    Perhaps we love,
    With a love so clean,
    That the day we meet,
    Will be sooner than we think.