• The waiting pains me
    The silence scares me
    The distance frustrates me
    But i will endure it all
    For the chance to hear your voice
    I think that means im in love
    Even with all the pain
    I like it
    This feeling
    It burns me like fire
    But it also keeps me warm
    It can stab me
    Like a knife
    But it can protect me
    Like a sword
    It can smother me
    Like a blanket
    But it can make me feel safe
    Just the same
    And you are the person
    Who makes me feel this way
    You are the oxygen that fans the flames
    That keep me warm
    You are the weilder of the sword
    That protects me from harm's way
    Your arms are the blanket
    That makes me feel secure
    You are my inspiration
    That makes me say these words
    I love you
    And so
    The distance doesn't seem so long
    If i can txt you
    The silence doesn't seem so strong
    If i can call you
    And the waiting
    The waiting i can handle
    But only for you