• You will drown in the lies among liars

    You will suffocate in your own regrets

    You will cry of frustration,

    Trying to grasp the last bit of your salvation

    You will scream in anger from the top of your lungs

    You will no longer know what you've become

    You will be the mock

    Your fist tight as rock

    Will roam hard against a wall

    And you'll begin to fall

    And there you will see

    How hard it was for us…….for me

    Your eyes will begin to close

    You will regret the path you chose

    In the last bit of life you got left

    You will see a helping hand

    The one you bruised and broke to shreds

    Still bleeding from the last

    It will help you up quick and fast

    Then push you into a hole

    Where the thick and venomous air will suck your soul

    Revenge is all the hand lived for

    And eventually it will grow sore

    After all you were the one who started the war

    But what was it worth?

    A heart full of pain?

    A friend going insane?

    Useless respect to obtain?

    To once again in the top remain?

    Or was it just to entertain?

    You have to admit

    This worthless s**t was all in vain