• i want to hold you tight and never let go
    i want to do right, because that is all i know
    The way you make me feel, i cant explain
    the way you heal, and take away my pain
    Its unbelievable, because i never thought
    Anyone was capable of Mending these scars
    life has been hard, but ive made it this far
    And ive finally met you, and ive already let you
    Into my life, Into my fight, even though i told you
    I will do it on my own, u stood by me never leaving me alone
    You have filled me with love, i can fill it in my soul
    when we hug, all i feel is warmth, the cold just fades away
    Everyday, when i wake up, all i want to say, is i love you
    I never want to hurt you, i never want to desert you
    I want to be there for you, When your down
    When your sad, to put a smile on your face
    to erase all your pain, and replace it with joy
    i know you can feel it every time we embrace,
    every time we touch, I know its not much
    But here is my heart, and here is the key
    This is a start of a new day, and i can guarantee
    that i will always be...with you