• A place where you have to always be "cool"
    There's nothing harder than keeping your reputation at school.

    Always thinking twice about everything you do
    Always hesitating 'cause someone might laugh at you.

    Never easy to just be yourself
    Never at ease even with your so called friends.

    Crushes and likes are not easy to keep
    So one wrong spill then everyone knows it

    But true friends are those you know won't tell
    If you tell them a secret, they will keep it well.

    They are the ones you can count on, they'll never let you down
    With them you'll never have to worry, and of them, you'll always be proud.

    They're the ones who care even though you make a mistake
    They're the ones who knows whether your smile's real or fake.

    But then you think that your friends are worth your trust
    Then later on you find out that they weren't friends much.

    Eventually, the only one left to trust is yourself
    So I guess School Mates aren't really True Friends..