• Twas ` a fortnight ago my friend tried to take her life
    A blade to her wrist could bury her strife
    She believed it was all that she needed
    But in her last moments she pleaded
    And thus she was saved…
    Now she whispers to me, she tells me so
    Inside I am consumed by relentless sorrow
    In those agonizing moments of her confusion and grief,
    I wonder in tearful sobs
    Had she even thought of me?

    If she had, even I could not stop her will
    For she cried over a pathetic boy and thus herself she wished to kill
    A boy she had barely known and still, she wanted to carry out the sin
    My image , if she had thought it , was not enough to stop the blade from piercing her skin
    So I am left devastated…
    The black abyss of anger, the endless ocean of woe
    Submerges me does it so
    I am left broken, unable to realize
    The true motive of her despise
    Restless in turmoil I cry…

    Friends we have been
    For countless moons
    yet she is anxious to take breathe away so soon
    It rips me apart to know this is true
    As The pain grows within me to torment…

    And as these emotions rise, they thrive and my body writhes
    I fall to my knees, my eyes seeking the heavens I cry:
    “Almighty gods to whom I speak
    Tis your noble counsel that I seek,
    What fate have you sought for this girl?!
    She tried to throw her life away
    For a man she met few a day
    Neither my existence nor life itself could stop her will
    From the silver blade inducing the kill
    Almighty gods to whom I weep
    Let her soul be mine to keep
    Gift me strength to support her
    Lend me courage to protect her
    Allow me to be the greatest ally
    Opon my gaze never shall she die
    The pain she feels
    Give it to me
    The sorrow she feels
    Give it to me
    Her burdens are now mine
    Please although she is blind
    To how she has pained my kind
    I forgive her”
    I sank down to the ground
    Now bearing my sorrow and hers
    And I spoke a loud her greatest fault:
    “She believed that she was the only one who could feel the pain
    Alas her belief is in vain
    For she must come to see

    the greatest person she hurt is me.”