• it feels like im stuck under water
    drowning in this relentless sea of torture
    it drags me down and i can not fight for if i do i go down farther

    with pain on my brain
    its hard to think of anything else
    im done with happy rainbows for my life is all rainclouds

    they say a smile makes everyone better
    when really it hurts most
    they try to make me feel better when it only makes me mad

    he's an idiot don't you know
    at first he seems like he cares
    but all in all hes just here fo the protection

    they can't see through him but i know the truth
    hes a lying backstabbing jerk
    they all say hes nice and sweet...they don't know the real him

    so im stuck under water
    not able to tell anyone the things he has done
    no i am strapped to a life of secrets and denial

    so i am done with rainbows and smiles
    for really they are just a way of covering it all up

    so when you say hello to him just remember
    hes not who he appears to be....