• is winter like a mother,
    but she is ashamed to show her childrens beauty?
    is winter like a journal that keeps things in check?
    is winter like a year,
    that gives us new beginnings?
    is winter just a season,
    that opinions differ on it's reason?
    why is winter so cold?
    is it because it reflects on peoples hearts?
    why is snow so white?
    is it to give us a clean slate?
    but when snow melts and at the end of the season,
    it goes back to the same green grass,
    does the winters children not ever learn their lesson?
    does the journal have no more pages?
    is the beginning on there for the end?
    or is it just the process of life?
    showing and letting us know,
    that sooner or later we must learn to let go...?