• Withered, frayed
    and utterly spent
    I looked straight into
    the eyes of the blazing sun.
    I cupped my hands around the sphere,
    bringing it near
    my heart- suddenly I was filled
    with joy, hope,
    a sense of purpose

    And the ball of light got bigger.

    Entranced by laughter, I
    tossed it into the cerulean sky, it landed
    far away, and I was glad.

    So began and continued life anew.

    Years passed, and I,
    forever content, received
    a gift: my golden aura
    returned to me
    nestled among and towering over the trees
    and my soul smiled to see
    hundreds of changed lives
    marked in the surface,
    brought by my golden sun

    Indescribably elated,
    I opened my arms wide
    and welcomed you back into my life