• The pain my heart had felt that day,
    shalt not ever go away.
    I thought that she had fell from above,
    my once thought forever love.
    The week of my birth she broke my heart,
    the pain I felt tasted tart.
    My heart shattered into shards and slivers,
    as the rest of my body still quivers.
    With all my heart I had to try,
    but all results led to my cry.
    I now beg her to take me back,
    so my life can go on track.
    The pain she delt was precise and sharp,
    as her voice sounded of a harp.
    As I fell and began to collapse,
    my heart the had began a relapse.
    As I fall my heart still breaks,
    as I'm impaled on invisible stakes.
    She says we still might be together,
    but my heart can't forget this pain, ever.