• stuck in isolation i lounge in a nearby corner.
    hands around my knees, head resting on my arms.
    i am in a dark place, unable to escape my twisted mind.
    it's taking over me, transforming into this vulnerable victim. i feel as if i am nothing. i dont own any part of "ME".
    tasety arent i? i am the treat 4 today. every 1 and everything takes a piece of me.
    words of criticism rip into my flesh. their hands grasping my lungs, abusing me, i cant breath!. leaving me to nothing once again.
    my vision blurrs as i melt into the cracks of a shattered soul, im filling in 4 a lost girl, thoughts drag me to the gates of hell, surrounded by a ghostly figures with a wicked smirk yearning 4 my sweet essence.......

    by: nathalie b.