• I'm alone
    But not lonely
    I'm not seen
    But I don't like attention
    People hurt me
    But it makes me stronger
    They tell me I'm not good enough
    But I don't listen
    I'm misunderstood
    But I'm not an easy person to understand
    I'm different
    But I like it.

    The blood slips between his fingers as he holds the object
    The object cuts into his hand as he grips it tightly
    The cut becoming deeper as he grips it more tightly
    The blood coming faster as the time passes
    His mind wonders off to how this happened
    Tears falling from his light green eyes
    He sits in the corner of the room
    His hair falling loosely in his face
    The stress his body feels and the veins throbbing from the blood no longer there
    No one ever talked to him yet now his emotions poor out
    As he tries to think of the reasons on why she left
    He cuts deeper into himself getting more upset
    What did I do wrong he thinks over and over
    A knock comes from his door as he snaps his head up and tears fall silently as he hushes his sobbing
    His father walks in and sees the mess in the corner
    The next day the boy is in the hospital
    He swears he is okay but the men and woman In white do not believe him
    He stays longer.
    And longer.
    sitting the way he did in his room.
    holding a blade to his freedom.