• My city,
    speaks to me in my dreams
    she tells me, of my aspiriations
    to follow them all
    walks me through the lonely concrete streets
    leads me to the sidewalks paved with gold
    She tells me I have nothing to fear
    no need to run... none to hide
    she tells me she's right here
    and sheilds me from the
    cold burning sky

    So I fall in love with My City .
    the blinking lights, the highways,
    and the cracks in the pavement.
    Falling For my Hometown
    the skyline, the life of night,
    the people making their statements.

    I tell my secrets to her sidewalks
    shout my prayers to her crystal blue skies.
    ask her for advice
    and listen for answers in bridsong.
    Listen to The City speak.
    she graces the homeless man with hopes and dreams
    even more, she graces me
    when The City beckons,
    I come effortlessly.
    Falling in love with My City.

    The City speaks to me in my dreams
    she tells me to take my life, and
    put it my own hands
    gave me company in those cold, hard concrete streets
    Helped me better understand.
    Even Though it wasn't easy,
    The City helped me find me.
    Fall in Love with My City,
    Fall in love with Me.