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    I'd do anything for you to be here
    Wipe every single one of my tears
    And grow old with me over the years
    I love your warm embrace
    Such a warm and safe place
    The run, the hide, the chase
    Has started
    And will never be parted
    Because we are unsepparable

    I'd live a million years
    Each one right beside you,
    Every sad thought, memory, feeling
    you blew away
    My fears and insecurity you threw away
    But you'll never leave me
    And you can't deceive me
    Because we are unseparable

    I've never cared what I look like around you
    And I don't think you do either
    I dont care what people think of us
    I've never cared of what you thought of me
    Of what you smell, hear and see
    Because I know
    We are unseparable

    I dont know if my feelings for you are love
    Or what they are made of
    All I know is they are special and should be kept
    They should be seen and accepted
    Because no matter how much you walk away from me
    We are and always will be unseparable