• I've given up wishing,
    on things that'll never happen,
    because I'll never stop missing,
    the colors of the sky,
    that used to be,
    the things that kept me,

    I've thrown in the towel,
    done looking for tomorrow,
    cause as soon as those colors shine,
    there's nothing that could ever make me,

    Those awards mean nothing,
    but the hues of the sky,
    mean something,
    that's much stronger than I've ever known,
    and when the break of day,
    has shown,
    I laugh.

    I'd give my soul,
    to see once again,
    the colors that stretch across this lonely soil,
    the yellows, the oranges, the pinks, the light blue,
    is the only thing in the entire world,
    I look forward to.

    Oh streaming sunsets,
    I love you.