• Stopped in the midst of greatness
    Forced to halt and descend into fakeness
    Cut off from all it's meaning
    Falling so far, no longer being
    Something that distinguished
    Me and didn't debase
    Something that made me feel
    Comfortably out of place

    The loss feels like being put into a cage
    Pushed into a roll like everyone else
    Feeling like a soldier ready to engage
    Molded, brainwashed,and fine-tuned
    I walk into the world like someone else
    Knowing I'm not, and feeling lampooned

    I feel like a poser, a phony, a fraud
    Here to counterfeit, forge, impostor myself
    A pretender manipulated to misrepresent
    An artificial imitation to view on a shelf

    Who I am and what I stand for
    May not be much, but I am proud
    Of what I've done, no matter the score
    It's death was premature, only time can cure
    This disgrace that's fallen upon me
    Whats worse is the casters don't even see
    They are unknowing to all of this, how can that be?
    They must hear it from the sound of my voice
    Or rather, the lack of sound, is it my choice?

    The definition was erased and redefined
    I refused to sign, my opinion confined
    I'm mad at myself for not fighting more
    I feel rotted right down,all the way, inside, deep within, dead center, to the core
    Even after the wound heals, I'll still feel sore

    What motivation could they have possibly had to mar?
    To scratch my car, To burn down my bar,
    To put out my star, To give me this scar

    All I can do is stand in my place and simmer
    Simmer up? Simmer down? Does it matter?
    I don't think it does, as everything gets dimmer

    All this gore, the beautiful shore, and that whore...
    All I do is snore, counting score? no I ignore
    I see the spore float off and soar
    I see it on the floor after the pour
    Is it all a joke? Who knows anymore?
    Is it all a joke? It is for sure
    When Everything Is A Metaphor.