• I lay on the floor and for a moment i beg for death.
    my face is swallen and my hair is matted, my eyes darken with thought of anger and pain.
    I reach over looking for anything to help me forget, and find shattered glass from the struggle it becomes my salvation.
    The glass is smooth on top and glitters in the light but as my finger rubs the edge i feel a peirce and pain.
    I close my eyes as i guide the glass to my throat i slide the smooth edge across my neck and it calms me as i turn the glass.
    Quickly i rush the glass acrost my thick skin now broken, i gasp and smile as light pours into me peacfuly and tears engulf my face.
    As soon as i saw the light i woke up... a warm hand intertwined with my cold hand.
    My mother layed on my cheast weeping and whispering im so sorry, wake up please. over and over like a broken record. i look to the celling hearing a silent beep of a monter beep in the backroud telling me im still alive. i glide my fingers acrost my neck only to feel rough stiches and i reach to my nose and feel tubes allowing me to breath. i cry in my head mom im so sorry. but no words form. i look to the celing and ask god, why did you bring me back? but no answer comes. the only thing i could do was reach for my mothers hand, she looked up and realized the damage i have done.