• I'm so worthless.
    My happiness has gone less.
    The pain hurts within.
    It crawls within my skin.
    All my hate comes out.
    Everything I say is in doubt.
    My sadness peers through.
    There's nothing I can do.
    The pain is now worse then I knew.
    The stress within grew.
    The emotions I cant control anymore.
    In my mind there's a sore.
    My body aches of fear.
    I can feel a tear.
    I feel no one cares.
    The scar of pain tears.
    Boredom and death is a thought.
    That's until I get caught.
    Who am I anymore?...
    I run till hate, pain, anger, and depression push me to the floor.
    No need for your pity and stares.
    Like I said, "no one cares."
    I need to get away.
    But then it will still stay.