• Verse 1

    Hey! Watsup?
    I saw that you called but i
    wasent home just workin at the mall
    I heard you got in trouble again
    startin s**t with ur friends
    Never gunna hear you say that again!


    No no im just fine im just walkin alone
    in the darkness of the night. i miss bein
    around and talkin to you all the time cause
    im hangin around (hangin around) pretending im just fine

    Verse 2

    Oh wat am i kidding im lying in pain (lying in pain)
    never wanting to let go always wanting more
    i want to hold you in the middle of the night to make
    sure ur all right but i cant even hold my self upright
    so it seems ive become another dissapointment in your life

    (Repeat chorus)

    Verse 3

    ok so im messed up thats ben established im justa
    boy alone in the dark wondering around hopless
    and in need of a light so i can read this compass to lead me through the night

    (repeat chorus)

    End phrase

    so it seems im justa dumb little boy
    who cant do anything right