• I live on a beautiful Earth.

    With it's stream, polluted black
    It's fields, cut down and paved over.
    The amazon replaced with jungles made of skyscrapers
    The animals, all walking the line to extinction.

    I live on a dangerous Earth.

    The gun shots are loud, like the calls of the wild.
    The people are fierce like they're beastly brethren,
    Like animals we will attack.
    On instinct alone we know how to survive.

    I live on a dying Earth.

    The ground is made of the dead,
    We reach to pull the sky closer each day.
    Trees disappear, lost in the crowds of people,
    Creatures of the wild roam the streets of the city.

    I live Here.

    In a land Dangerous and Dying

    On this beautiful planet called Earth.