• I sit there and listen,
    the sorrows and fears,
    the dreams of courage,
    the nightmares of failure,

    I sit there and listen
    to the giggles and cries of the world.

    I hear the pain of the earth as people kill it,
    I cry the tears the trees cannot,
    I show the speakers the feelings earth cannot,...

    I sit there and listen,
    I listen to the darkness,
    I look up and around,
    Only one sound escapes,
    Its the sound of laugher,
    Oh so sweet this sound of laugher in a sea of hate,
    I follow, just listening, feeling, as I follow I see its something special,
    I pick it up and show the Earth...it is hope....

    I used to sit there and listen,
    showing that I care but never saying so,
    Now, I am a speaker,
    I tell everyone of the laugher, and of the hope,

    I'm there, standing in the flow of people,
    I speak to everyone passing by, I show them the glow of hope,
    Some listen and others walk away,

    But as they do I say but this...

    "are you a listener? or are you a speaker"