• heart ~Holding On~ heart
    When this life brings me down,
    And I start to feel tears,
    I stand alone in the rain.
    It's the only way I can hide,
    From what I fear.
    I'm terrified.
    At once I thought was right.
    But now what was is wrong.
    I turn this empty feeling,
    into the verses of a song.
    But I can't sing this song.
    I have forgotten the words,
    And I have forgotten myself.
    There is evidence.
    The evidence in the reflection,
    Of my tears.
    I stare through them.
    Long and hard.
    Some things become clear.
    Still won't the sun shine,
    When clouded my emotions remain.
    The thunder cries out,
    To hide from the ones I love.
    My pain.
    This pain becomes A staircase,
    Spiraling to no where.
    I keep screaming out questions,
    They echo,
    But they never have answers.
    I'm tired,
    My legs are soar.
    I'm trying desperetly not to fall.
    Holding onto the railing next to me,
    Holding on.