Is this a new year
    Or just another day?
    Is this the new fear
    That my dreams will fade away?
    Is this the last chance
    To grab who i desire?
    Is this a romance
    Is my heart just being a liar?

    Is this the new song
    Or just another tale?
    Is pleasure life-long
    Or just designed to fail?
    Is this the switch
    That changes dark to light?
    Is that the glitch
    That everyone wants to fight?

    Is this a dream
    Or a piece of shattered truth?
    Is this a scream
    That echoes from my youth?
    Is this the right way
    To reach where I belong?
    Or should I just stay
    In case the way is wrong?

    Is this a fake,
    That we all see today?
    Is life a rake,
    That’s forever clawing away?
    In the world that we’re in,
    With the emotion we conceal,
    Is death a sin,
    Or the only thing that’s real?