• That Sweet Insanity Called Life

    I hate love so…
    I had a choice one…
    I had to cut off something to my heart to freeze it…
    I choice love in a heart beat…

    This thing called love, is it forced on us?
    Mankind reproduces to live, it’s human nature
    So this thing called love is it something we made, so we can have a meaning for this nature?

    How so I hate love so much…
    The feeling that leaves you weak and vulnerable
    Its like being pulled, Heh… for me I guess

    Am I force to love?
    Is love just something that’s out there?

    Hate me…
    Hate me so I know how love feels
    Hate me so this heart of mine can freeze completely

    My heart… it’s numb

    I can’t fell anger, so I act it
    I can’t feel happiness, so I act it
    Even though I smile and act normal… Doesn’t mean I am…

    All I can feel is this loneliness and sorrow…
    With these two pains in my heart, my heart is slowly freezing….
    But I want it to freeze faster…

    Please to many people around me and others… they are trying so hard to melt my heart…. Why?

    Are they not hurt by my Icy aura?
    Why are they not running from my pain?

    Please let me keep this pain
    I deserve it

    I must have a frozen heart…
    Since I am such a Coward

    Let my heart be of ice
    So I can be... Free in my mind.

    I am bound by shackles called life
    But when I sleep in that sweet yet deep darkness but yet light of my frozen heart
    The frozen twilight of my heart
    I am some what…

    Don’t worry the cold doesn’t bother me