• What am I, you ask?
    I am not tall, small, large, or skinny.
    I am not poor, nor rich.
    I have not suffered terrible loss.
    I have not gone through something amazing.
    I have not felt true happiness, and nothing else.
    I am not a misunderstood race,
    I don’t have anything really rare or astounding about me.
    I have not had to overcome a great obstacle.

    But at the same time, I am everything.

    People always admire those who have done something great
    and overcome some obstacle
    instead of themselves.
    Even if a person had not done or accomplished
    anything truly astounding,
    have not felt the pain of exclusion from society,
    nor had great wealth or looks,
    they are someone, great in themselves.

    I am nothing, I am everything, and I am proud.