• Upon a midnight star I peer
    While I play my fabled lyre.
    I see the stars so high above
    Their light filled with twinkling love.
    Then, a shooting star flies by
    I marvel at its beauty, wondering why
    Why it flies only at night
    Flying its lonely flight

    Then, I feel a hidden fear
    While playing the small fabled lyre.
    I hear small hoof beats drum
    As I look around the plums.
    A zebra! In black and white
    I begin to watch with spite
    Is this a dream? No, it couldn't be
    I am still up in the tree!
    If it was a dream I'd be falling free.

    The zebra calls to me
    "The stars aren't as lonely as they appear to be.
    They have people like you to watch them at night."
    Then I was no-longer filled with spite.
    The zebra understood the stars more than I.
    Now I need not wonder why
    The stars were lonely in the sky.

    =D Hope you guys liked it!