• How many times have I thought about having someone to love “me”?
    I stand on my ground alone waiting for him.
    He never comes but now I don’t care.
    My friends help me when I have troubles.
    How can you ask for a better friend?
    It’s amazing to feel like some people love you like sisters or brothers.
    Willing to sacrifice every thing for each other.
    That’s where I stand now.
    Not alone but together.
    We fight together, Dream together, and Love together.
    That’s what friends are for right?
    Help you get through everything.
    Alone is where you feel unloved.
    That’s the thing.
    The worst felling is not death.
    It is knowing that you are not needed, that you are all alone in this world, then you have no reason to live.
    That’s how I use to feel.
    Now that “we” stand together, nothing can break us apart.
    We will soon get seperated.
    That’s another thing.
    Loosing your best friend.
    It causes pain and lonelyness.
    If that ever happened I would go back to being the same.
    I will stand alone again.
    Waiting for someone.
    I hope it never comes to that.
    I cant face heart broke alone again.