• Torn away from life so light
    ripped from innocence that shown so bright
    war rages, blood is shed
    all i can do now is cry and rest to sleep on my bed
    Life so dark and cold now
    full of hate and the opening to hell's gate
    all is lost for those who suffer
    all is forgotten for those who slaughter
    hearts bleed fluently
    birds fly freely
    souls chained to darkness
    wings fade to blackness
    white and black
    light and dark
    clash together and thrive on life
    all confused,all are used
    a simple child's smile now lost to pollution
    a flowing dress, happiness exterted as she turns
    but soon she drops and drowns in sorrow
    smile fades a frown spreads
    now all to look forward to is what she has always dread
    lost to darkness, lost to stereotypes
    melting and blending with pressure of those around
    as the skies fade gray and childrens toys no longer played
    love turns to lies, and the butterflyno longer flies
    simple life gone for now, to evil and darkness we bow
    smiles fade,tears fall
    our world is lost, its lost to it all
    this is a child's nightmare , the emptiness of lost innocence