• It sits on a park bench weeping
    Wishing for a shoulder to cry on
    Something to releive the pain it feels
    Suddenly a shadow sits next to him, he turns & see's a person, like him
    He talks, it talks back & he is happy
    He asks if they can see him again, that he will be on the park bench
    A rufuge for his frail heart
    The shadow says that it will be happy to, that it will bring others
    A spark shines in the man's heart, happiness
    A feeling unused in years
    He leaves from his house to his refuge early the next night
    The spark turning into something great
    He sit's & waits
    For hours
    He soon spies a familiar figure in the dark
    As it nears he can see that it did bring others
    The spark in his heart grows again, & a light shines in his wishful old eyes
    He talks to the shadow, it talks back again, then a light flahes & blinds him
    And another
    And another
    Soon he can see that they are cameras, that he was tricked
    He hears the voice of his 'friend' in the air
    'There is another one for your frames!'
    Before leaving in a ruckus of laughter
    The old man's eyes dim, his old heart breaks, the spark dies
    And so does he, in the cold, chill air on the splintered bench
    The body is moved in the morning and forgotten forever
    Now the tormented soul sits on a bench in an eternal darkness
    Forever weeping
    Wishing he didn't have to cry on his own shoulder
    Wishing he didn't die sad
    Sad that he didn't do anything in his life