• There are tiny silences which carry alongside the most marvelous secrets. They don't share, what for? We are good with what we have.
    There are tiny voices, each one louder than the other, which would tell us what we should do?
    Sometimes, they would come with a feeling...is the feeling good? Then they are good. See how this works, there is no fakeness, they are clear as water and that's how our actions should be --Clear.
    Now, listen to the rest. Are those feelings desguised? Then, they are bad.
    Something that would make us doubt is no good, for we can do everything without hestitaion. Those are our monsters, those are my monsters.
    They don't seem frighting, for the contrary, they are as normal as any other action.

    My monster comes and whispers in my ear.

    "You should stop, this won't go anywhere. Look at what you are risking, you are not worthy enough. It won't come true".
    I left its comments fill me, and before I could realize it, I am believing it.

    True, its always true.

    When I was in the store, and I was about to so something big. It would come again, and stopped me.

    "What are you doing? This is not for you. Be shy, dont talk. At the end, nobody notices you"
    Again, I believed it and kept my mouth shout. Nothing can come from talking, that's why I write...

    It happens everyday, if someone won't answer my question then it would be fault. That's what my monster told me.
    "Its all you fault, everything its your fault and would come down falling. Don't try again. Let it fade as you always do"
    Fade? I have let fade everything for so long that I can be a pro. I had let my emotions dissapear, my goals, my everything. But this time I'm done!
    This is for you, my monster.

    Yes, I am worthy
    Yes, I can do it
    Yes, it may hurt
    But no, I won't give up
    Yes, I have more dreams
    and yes, it is not because of you that I almost reaching them
    This for all who let fear consume them. This is for all who don't risk.
    Life is lived only once. Would you let yourself enjoy it or would you let your monster enjoy it?
    That, it's your decision.