• Tension is building.
    Everybody seems so far.
    I'm alone;
    Not knowing who to trust.
    Lied to over and over.
    My heart;
    Is it alive?
    Why do I care?
    It only hurts more.

    I've held on
    And been stepped on.
    Heart is full
    Of undying pain.
    Everybody ignores me.
    Hurt to many times
    To even keep count.

    Is it me?
    Should I even be alive?
    Who would care
    If I dissapeared?
    Would anyone?

    Wounds are so deep.
    They'll never go away.
    Memories I wish I didn't have
    But reminds me everyday.

    I want to let go.
    To be real.
    To feel like I belong.
    Not possible is it?

    I've never belonged.
    I've never been loved.

    I've never been loved.