• other days,
    other nights,
    arnt worth going though,
    until your with me at the time,

    other tears,
    other crys,
    you were there through everything,
    you told me why,

    you said it wasnt real,
    you said you had lied,
    you were pretending,
    now im left asking why?

    why would you cut me.
    so deep inside,
    make me feel,
    that all i could do was cry,

    you knew i loved you,
    with my heart,
    and my soul,
    you left your mark,

    how could you leave me,!!?
    broken and falling apart,
    i almost died,
    if you had only done your part,

    other days,
    other nights,
    i'd rather not be with you,
    for you it was passing time,

    other tears,
    other crys,
    yeah you were there,
    but it was all lies

    -based on personal experience