• The one thing i never said,
    What was it?
    Was it Good-bye?
    Was it, Have a nice day?
    What was it, any of those things?
    No, it was more.

    What i never said to him,
    Was, I love You.
    What i never said,
    Might have changed something.
    Maybe it might have,
    Given him one more breath.
    It could have give him one more day.

    What i never said would have changed something.
    Now, on his dying day,
    While i see him take his last breath,
    I hear what i never said.
    I hear his heart stop.
    What i never said,
    Killed the one i held dear.
    The noblest death,
    Is the one you go to.
    His death was not noble,
    It was forced upon him.

    I never got to say,
    "I love You"
    I never even got to say good bye.
    Now, i see his corpse,
    His face full of pain.
    With not one good bye said to him.
    And he is gone, forever.
    And it is all my fault... cry

    P.S. Not True!!