• I cant believe i couldnt see
    how you looked at me.
    How i thought it was for nothing
    I was so strong but now I'm weak
    and I wondered what has happend to me
    Some time's I wish That I wouldnt be
    the person that was mostly me
    and I would break every bone
    just for you to know that You are not alone
    Watch the needle sew me back apart
    and Here I stand with out a heart

    I think I fould out what life wasnt supposed to be
    and now I wish i didnt see
    the light that was at the end
    and its hard to play back, its not pretend
    and wishing and thinking
    it did nothing to me
    and here I lay undefined
    I let out everything I could
    you should know me like a back of a book
    And here you are, flipping the pages of my life

    Rain drops will fall on my face
    and I wont do a thing
    I'm broken down, no more is left in me
    and my eyes tend to bleed.
    My heart tends to sink
    and I am in an empty black room
    Alone, away, and I cant stop
    all crying aside I really love the moment
    when someone will save me
    if they could they should
    If they would
    You'll know me like the back of the book

    Flipping through the pages of my life.