• This life and this world is so impure

    The same way you`re hurt, is the same way you`re cured

    What a curse that`s been put on us so cruel

    It`ll have your whole mind taking a detour

    Your life ain`t over, you still got 20 years

    What do you mean you hear the devil speaking in your ear

    Stop romanticizing, fantasizing, whatever you want to call it

    Because in the end, it doesn`t matter what you call it

    A diffusional bond between you and the master

    Like a delusional pastor who can`t seem to master

    His teachings, so how in the world can he teach

    And you can understand every word that he speaks

    Have you lost it to the point your mind`s telling you lies

    No hope for you, sit down, suffer and cry

    A minute ago, the devil was inside your mind

    And now he`s saying you should quit the suffer and die


    Time-out, pause for a second

    Did he actually say that, pause for a second

    What`s wrong with you, pay attention, I ain`t done yet

    He is the one you should be giving respect

    The one that gave birth to you, the one who resurrects

    And I re-assure you this guy is perfect,

    Unlike the devil, he`s worth every penny

    So pay a token to ride

    The Almighty Glorious, meritorious, victorious

    How many other words can describe his non-inglorious

    "I Am", his phrase for all creations

    Our Bible from Genesis to Revelations

    Take a vacation


    Thank God it`s over...