• i love you
    dosn't mean anything

    it is not understood
    it is mistaken
    it is not true

    it isnt loyal
    it is missused
    it is overused

    so now
    when i say
    i love you
    and i mean it
    i know i mean it
    and i know ill mean it

    you don't understand
    you mistake it
    you believe it to be untrue

    you think it is missused overused
    you believe it isnt loyal
    and you think
    that i dont mean it.

    you now dissmiss it and forget it.
    and playfully say it back.

    i love you now
    i like you
    for now
    it dosnt mean anything
    i realli dont care. but i dont want to hurt your feelings
    so ill say it for now
    i love you.
    but realli what i mean is.....
    i like you.
    for now.

    but i still believed you
    and of course you left

    i still loved you.
    with a missused, overused, degraded, deranged word.
    i still did

    so you came back
    but this time.....
    i left you.

    i know i love you
    and i still do
    and still will until my soul dies
    its meaning has still been lost. damaged. degraded. over&mis used.
    only a few heart felt and forever still exist.

    my love may change with time
    as many things do
    but it'll still be there
    it always will....

    so ill say it.
    for as long as it takes for the message to get through.

    i love you.
    and i still do. 09'