• Weres the... Fun? Why am i just standing here watching this wreck like it is nothing? This light... This terribal light! Why? WHY???

    Lisa was crying like no other. it was her falt. Her watch had reflected the light from the sun.. Into the drivers eye... She ran to the wreck. She was stopped by firemen at the scene. Sirens were going off left and right.

    The She heard a boom. Then noticed her freind Haley in the car. Dead...

    No... This can't be happening... Haley! I killed her!

    She killed her first freind... The firemen were pulling them out of the car. Fire was flooding the floors of the car. Heat was building in... The girls were pulled out of the other car already.

    Wait a minute... She is crying... She is not dead!!! " HALEY!!!"

    The firemen and cops stopped er from goin to the scene. Haley was burning. She couldn't leave. But at that exact moment. The car exploded. Crying, Lisa knelt to the car and prayed.

    Bring her back... PLease god... Bring her back!

    Days later, the funeral was set up for Haley. Dresses in black, Lisa and Haley's mom, dad, brother, sister, and cousin, were crying.

    This can't be happening. Why?

    Lisa went into the church, walked to the altar, and prayed the same thing she prayed at the scene. Light was shining through the church windows. Hitting the altar.

    At that moment, that exact moment; She saw Haley. Her ghost... Smiling....