• The South was a fearful,
    Horrible place to be
    Slaves suffered greatly
    All wanted to flee

    The slaves were auctioned
    away from there families
    to plantation owners
    who whipped them to their knees

    At the plantation
    the slaves picked cotton
    throughout their whole life
    they have never forgotten

    On their bare skin
    the feel of the whip
    that's the reason why
    they went on this long trip

    All the slaves followed
    the northern star
    they all came to escape
    near and also far

    They used the " Underground Railway"
    that consists of a secret path
    slaves would fear throughout their journey
    from the plantation owners' rath

    They hid during the day
    and roamed at night
    slave catchers searched
    but they were out of sight

    As the slaves reached Canada
    with their heads held up high
    They were now rid of their worries
    and let out a relieved sigh