• Under the moon,
    Under the stars,
    I shine,
    With a bright white light.

    Under the sun,
    I am shadowed,
    By a dark black creature,
    Whose form is my own,
    But of whom I don’t recall.

    Under the moon and stars,
    I am a beautiful daughter of the moon,
    I am furred,
    Gifted with a long furry tail,
    With golden glittering eyes,
    And fur,
    Silver as the moon.

    Under the sun,
    I am a meek little girl,
    With ugly brown hair,
    Ugly brown eyes,
    Large hands and feet,
    With nails like claws,
    And teeth like fangs.

    Under the moon,
    I am honored and praised,
    I am loved and protected.

    Under the sun,
    I am shamed,
    I am shunned,
    I am feared,
    And I am hated.

    Among my people,
    I am loved,

    Out among,
    Those unlike me,
    I am hated.

    Under the soft cover of the moon,
    I fall to my hands and knees,
    I grow fur,
    Beautiful silver,
    Rare among my people,
    And treasured for its color and quality.

    Under the blaring brightness of the sun,
    I brought upon my legs,
    Forced to recede my fur,
    Regrow my ugly brown hair,
    Common place among the humans,
    Hated for its commonness and ugliness.

    Under the moon,
    I am treasured,
    Under the sun,
    I am nothing more than trash.

    I am a creature of the night,
    A creature of legend,
    I am a werewolf of the highest status,
    I am a human,
    The lowest trash among the trash..