• Bang.


    Crashed Down the door Frame,
    Shadows will settle,
    And soon will the Pain.

    The Darkening Corner,
    The pattering rain,
    In the back of my mind
    It’s all still the same.

    From inside our head,
    To the paper so plain,
    Depending on the blood flow,
    I struggle and strain.

    A Struggle for power
    As old as the day,
    Honored for Able,
    And slaughtered by Cain

    The shadows all stir,
    And sensing the Strain,
    Brought out by the night;
    The arrival of Pain.

    Igniting a Spark,
    From a thought of the past,
    Chewed from the inside,
    And losing it fast.

    The Shadows tear hard,
    And pull me back in,
    I try to resist it,
    I try not to sin.

    The Gnashing of teeth,
    The burning of skin,
    These personal demons,
    How can I win?

    My door frame,
    My hope,
    My outpost from death.
    Splinters and Shatters,
    As I’m raped of my breath.

    The shadows are real,
    Don’t be a fool,
    Don’t try to control them,
    Or play by their rules.

    Flexing my anger,
    I push them away,
    Back through the door frame,
    I fight them each day.

    Slip on the stairs,
    I fracture a bone,
    Wake up in darkness,
    Nobody home.

    The Shadows retire,
    I know what I feel,
    As the pain subsides,
    I watch my skin peel.

    Screams of the martyrs,
    As they stake their claims,
    Somewhere this means something,
    But here it’s just shame.

    Crawl back through the door,
    Board up my pain,
    This pipe will soon burst,
    And drive me insane.

    Touched by the writer,
    Who took me much higher,
    I muffle my wails,
    As I pull these chains tighter.

    He tripped down the hole,
    Woke up in my soul,
    Wrote on the wall,
    A tale I should know.

    “Cannot deny it,
    Choke it,
    Nor hide it.

    A cage, it won’t fit,
    No noose,
    Not a bit,
    Cannot confine it,
    Nor jail it,Or try it.

    Some call it a gift,
    Sometimes a curse,
    Can’t chain it,
    Or maim it,
    Can’t chop,
    Or filet it.

    The cure for the pain;
    Only create it.”

    You can accept it and grow,
    Be more than you know,
    Conquer thy own self,
    Defeat thy own foe.

    Admire this beauty.
    Share what you’ve sown,
    For nothing is better,
    That a newly freed soul.

    But one thing is certain,
    My friend you should know,
    For all this depends,
    On How the Blood Flows.