• And I soar into the storm
    to feel alive once more
    in the center of chaos and destruction
    to let my anger find no obstruction
    In the lighting goes my rage
    for in my heart it was caged
    into the thunder I send my cries
    to release it from the body that ties
    My cutting remarks to the wind
    in rapid fire succesion do I send
    And the anger tears that flow like the tide
    do I allow the mercifull rain of the storm to hide
    In the sun's glory bright
    do most find a comforting light
    or in the warm comfort at home
    Does a person seek a shelter to come
    But here in the storm with all its power
    do I find a place to cry, scream and cower
    And thus do I send my soul and heart
    to the storm to be torn and sundered apart
    And as the remnants fall again to earth
    do I peiced them together once more to again be birthed
    and like a new blade from the fire
    to I arise like the phoniex once again from the pyre
    And so it shall be
    till the morning hours wee
    and the storm leaves for unknown shores
    its terrible power to another land to bore
    and with my anger and cries spent
    back to life of reality I am sent
    till the storm comes once again
    .......and the process of cleansing can once more begin