• Some people say that i'm crazy
    But the crazy thing is that you cant see what you want
    What you need
    For you to be you


    You blind your self with lies
    telling PLEEDING to your self:

    Oh every thing is gonna be ok...

    And you know its not
    But you want your little lies to be so true
    You try and live it

    Your own fantasy world,
    Hiding from reality

    But the power of the Truth and the world and all of its glory
    Will shine its light on you
    It will

    your little fantasys

    But once again you dont look in to the light
    You hide again under the covers
    You become somthing else that your not

    So let me ask you something
    Are you a fake?
    Do you realy wish that you where a cat?
    Do you realy think that hell is your home?
    Oh so its what ever that can hide you, huh

    So im crazy for looking into the light
    Im crazy for not being afraid
    Im crazy for not listing to the people that life is more messed up than mine
    So screw it!
    Shun me from your life
    Keep away the only thing that shows light in your dark life

    So go put on your little wings and your fake eyes
    Ill be crazy...