• With the stars above,
    You can see the love.

    You can see my eyes,
    There will be no lies.
    You can see my heart,
    It will be broken apart.

    You can see my face
    There will be no trace,
    Of him having been there,
    And it's not at all fair!

    Then you came,
    That is back as my best friend and into my crazy life
    You made it different not the same,
    And unsharpened my knife

    I have fallen for you without any pain.
    I no longer want to be crying in the rain.
    It is completely different with you here,
    You've taken away most of my fear

    You've saved me without really even knowing
    Every day my love for you just keeps growing

    I've told you most of my life story
    knowing that it has no glory.
    You've taken away most of my pain with you,
    but i don't want you to be hurt too.

    Its not right for you to suffer too.
    You know suffering was not made for you

    You don't deserve this,
    I don't deserve you that is
    I wish I was good enough for you,
    But I know I'm not right for you.

    I want you to be happy not hurt
    I never want you to be hurt

    You know well enough,
    that my life is always going to to be tough
    My life is just so bad.
    But with you here I can't be sad

    You're my best friend
    Hopefully to the end.
    You're alwas going to be the best
    Please never give me a rest