• We are not human
    So don't call us such things.
    We don't have our own personality.
    We do not act some way because we do.
    We act this way because we watch you.
    And someone watches me, hooping to be you.
    And so on and So forth
    So don't call us human.

    We are infants.
    Brainless drones who adapt to things that are "cool".
    We watch T.V hoping to be gangster.
    Hoping o be rockstars,popstars, any kind of star.
    We wear the clothes, we talk the way, and we also listen to their music everyday.
    Then when we take a step-up.
    We call it inspiration.

    Do we need inspiration or idol to be human?
    We have our own brains, so why should we follow you?

    Because you did good things?
    Because you shot a gun or two?
    Because you won a few emmys?
    Because someone reommended you?
    Because of the cool things you say?
    or is it Because of the things you pay?

    If so, we are not human.
    Mindless zombies, molded by this world, but not human.
    We see something on T.V that's interesting.
    You know dang well we're gonna be doing it bravely.
    We listen to music, we listen to our idols.
    Thinking what they say in our mind is vital

    If we play video games
    we'll think killing is okay.
    We'll think hit and run is nothing but a cool thing.

    "Follow in their footsteps" Is what they say.
    but if we follow in their footsteps, would that make us human in anyway?

    But if we didn't have idols, music, movies, video games,
    would this be such a safe place?
    If we didn't have propaganda in our ear, would we still be the same?
    Would this world be in peace?
    Or would it still be horrifying?
    Are we better off unmolded?
    Or are we better off sculpted?
    are we better off human?
    or are we better off inhumane?
    either way...

    We're not human.
    So don't call us such things...