• Tears cascade
    Down your cheeks.

    That's how they
    Know for a fact
    That they've hurt you.

    But sometimes,
    You hold in the tears,
    You look distant,
    You look like your on
    Another planet.

    But really,
    You have no tears
    At the moment.

    Sometimes you wish
    You could cry,
    Just so they'll hold you.

    You don't have any
    To cry.

    Sometimes you just
    Need to let them out.

    Maybe you can't,
    Maybe you've kept
    Them in for so long,
    They've learned
    Not to fall.

    Every girl
    Needs someone
    To hold them
    When they cry.

    Every guy
    Needs to realize
    That they're the one
    To hold them
    When that happens.

    It could be
    The opposite,
    But basically,
    What I'm trying to say,
    Is that everyone needs someone
    To hold them when they cry.